Website of the Week:

5 Things I Can Learn from

#1: Use of WordPress is based off WordPress, just like this blog is. Through exploration of the site, a better unde

rstanding of many of the different things that can be accomplished by WordPress can be understood and later mimicked and used on other websites.

#2: Basic Reporting Techniques

Two different types of reporting can be seen on the site: print journalism and video journalism. Even though the journalists are students, they quality of both types of reports are solid.

#3: Correct Use of Contacts

While reviewing many of the people interviewed in the different articles (both print and video), the same contacts from the city and university are consistently used. This shows the fruits of maintaining proper relationships in journalism.

#4: How Newspapers Translate onto the Internet

Even though the Scroll is published on BYU-Idaho campus, it’s articles are also published online. Journalism is slowly moving to have a stronger showing online and less use in normal day-to-day periodicals. The site shows how newspapers are moving online.

#5: Effective Connection with Social Media

The site is connected to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allowing its visitors to effectively link anything to read or watch to any of the social media sites, allowing others to view it as well.


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